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Maintain Your Spray Tan The Right Way

Maintain Your Spray Tan The Right Way

Follow these tips to maintain your spray tan


Proper hydration is what will help to maintain your tan, but an oil-rich formula can actually make it come off faster. Use a very basic lotion that isn’t oil-based and moisturise right after your shower (12 hours prior to your first rinse off). Fragrance and alcohol free is best. The Tanning Boutique sells a couple of great options with Black Magic Tans – Tan Lock and Nourish (includes SPF 15) if you are in the market for a new moisturiser. Tan Lock is the perfect option when travelling to tropical destinations which will involve a lot of swimming.

If it exfoliates your skin…it will exfoliate your spray tan right off

Bathing, swimming, rubbing sand all over your body…all of these activities result in a layer of your skin coming off which makes maintaining your tan difficult. These things will also make a layer of your tan come off so it won’t last as long. The Tanning Boutique sells a product called Xtend from Black Magic which contains the self tanning product from your spray tan. This can be applied on day four of your tan to extend its life. Final tip, pat your skin dry with a towel rather than rubbing vigorously. It all sounds like a lot to remember but you get used to it very fast

Think about using a tan extender

If you want your spray tan to last even longer then you might want to try a tan extender. Black Magic have come up with an amazing product call Xtend. It has the same self tanning product in it that is used in the spray tan and can be used from day four of your tan to make it last longer. The perfect tanning after care is to use either Tan Lock or Nourish for the first three days following your spray tan, then Black Magic’s Xtend from day four to extend the life of your tan.

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