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What should I wear to my next spray tan?

This may seem like a pretty straight forward question, but different clothing choices can have a drastic effect on the end result of your tan. Let’s start from the beginning. What will you be wearing when getting a spray tan? I know that for first time tanners, the unknown of what you will be wearing […]

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What Should I Do On The Day Of My Spray Tan?

Preparation on the day of your spray tan is as equally as important if not more important as what you do leading up to it. It’s not always possible, but if you can, come freshly showered. However, you don’t want to open up the pores of your skin with steaming hot water so have a […]

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Which spray tan is right for me?

Rapid, overnight, organic, green base, violet base, brown base – So many choices it can all be a bit confusing! When it comes to choosing a spray tan, there are a few very important things to consider. The good news is, at The Tanning Boutique, you are in safe hands with a Spray Tanning Specialist, […]

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What can I do before my spray tan, to make sure I get the best result?

This is a really great question and a really important one if you want the perfect tan. Your pre tan prep plays a big part in how well your tan turns out once you leave The Tanning Boutique. Four steps to the perfect tan: Exfoliate Moisturise Preen Prior Shower A few things you want to […]

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