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The Perfect Tan – After Your Spray Tan

The Perfect Tan – After Your Spray Tan

Loose clothing, with wide straps is your best friend after your spray tan

After your spray tan, make sure you bring dark, loose clothing for after your spray tan and slip on sandals. Underwear without tight waistbands are ideal to wear home or just your disposable G provided by The Tanning Boutique. Shoestring straps and tight clothing can cut into your tan during the development time so wide straps and loose clothing are best. Avoid bras and socks until you have washed off your tan. Still not sure what to wear? We’ve got you covered (literally!) The Tanning Boutique stocks kaftans that are designed with the spray tanner in mind thanks to Kaftanned with kaftans starting from just $40.00 – Check them out here.

Don’t touch your tan – tanned palms are not a good look!

After your spray tan if you rub and touch your tan before you’ve rinsed it off, you’re going to end up with tanned palms. Don’t do this! If you’ve gone for the 8 hour / overnight tanning option, you may want to think about covering your hands with some loose material to avoid tanning your palms while you are sleeping.

Don’t get wet after your spray tan – while it’s developing

While your tan is developing (between 1 – 8 hours depending on which tan you have chosen) do not allow your skin to get wet. This can result in little droplet patches. The Tanning Boutique uses Tan Lock after each tan which helps to water proof your tan, however washing your hands and getting caught in the rain can result in your tan washing off in patches.

Don’t get your sweat on…just yet

It’s important to avoid sweating after your tan, during the developing time. Workouts are best avoided until the tan has fully developed and especially before your 2 hour rinse off window if you’ve chose the Black Magic Rapid Tan or 8 hours for the other tans. Development time ranges from 8 – 14 hours.

Washing off your tan

When you rinse off in the shower, after your spray tan has been on for 2 – 8 hours (depending on which tan you have opted for), you want to use lukewarm water and no products. You will see the bronzer washing off and it is quite normal to go back to close to your original colour. Your tan will continue to develop over the next 8 – 14 hours and you will be left with a gorgeous tan.

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