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What Should I Do On The Day Of My Spray Tan?

Preparation on the day of your spray tan is as equally as important if not more important as what you do leading up to it.

It’s not always possible, but if you can, come freshly showered. However, you don’t want to open up the pores of your skin with steaming hot water so have a lukewarm to cold shower before you come. Try not to shampoo and condition your hair right before you come because it can leave a residue on your skin. You basically want to rinse off the oils from the day and come along to the salon with nothing on your skin.

Ensure you have completely removed your deodorant. If it’s extra strength, it’s going to take some good scrubbing and a few days to get it off. If you have some left on your skin, it can cause your tan to 1) Go green on application and 2) Result in white patches under your arms as a barrier is created between you and the tan. Even if you put deodorant on the morning of your tan and feel like it will have come off, it will still need to be wiped off. Same with any perfume, moisturiser or make up on your skin.

Finally, it’s quite common to have dry skin, however, we can apply moisturiser once you get to the salon if necessary to stop the spray tan from clinging to it. Don’t put your own moisturiser on as some, such as Aveeno, can also result in the tan going green upon application. When in doubt, come with nothing on your skin.

Looking forward to seeing you in the salon soon to get you looking bronzed and extra gorgeous!

Kim x

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